Daconate Herbicide Trial

Daconate Vs Glyphosate Trial (April-May 2015)

The aim of the trial was to compare the differences between using the herbicides Glyphosate and Daconate for injection of Wheel Cactus plants.

The trial was carried out on property on Back Cairn Curran Road which had a dense infestation with various sized plants.

Several duplicate plots were chosen which were easily accessible, near each other and had similar sized and/or number of plants.

Glyphosate 450

    • Group M herbicide

    • Non-residual

    • Used diluted 1:3 in water

    • Injected 4ml into all lobes of each plant

Daconate 720

    • Class Z herbicide

    • Can only be purchased and used with ACUP

    • Land must be clear of stock for 5 weeks

    • Cannot be used within 50 metres of water body

    • Used undiluted

    • Drilled stem of the plant and then injected stem only with 4ml

The variables tested were:

  • Time taken to inject plant

  • Number of injections required

  • Volume of herbicide used

  • Cost of herbicide used

  • Number of days to death

  • Need for follow-up injection

The results indicated that:

  • Each injection with Daconate took approx. 3 x longer because a hole was drilled first, but each plant needed approx. 6 x more injections with Glyphosate, hence overall a plant took approx. 2 x longer to inject with Glyphosate

  • The cost of Daconate is approx. 2.5 x more than the cost of Glyphosate but each plant used approx. 2 x more volume of Glyphosate, therefore the actual cost of both was very similar.

  • The time taken for a plant to die was approx. 3 x longer using Glyphosate and was much more likely to need follow-up injections than when using Daconate.

    Summary: TCCG Glyphosate Vs Daconate Trial (April 2015)



    Approx. Time per injection

    3 sec

    9 sec

    No. Injections per plant



    Av. Time per plant

    4.9 min

    2.1 min

    Cost of Chemical


    1.7 cents/ml

    Volume per plant

    113 ml

    55 ml

    Approx. Cost per plant

    79 c

    94 c

    Time taken to kill plant

    ~ 54+ days

    ~ 20 days

    Need to re-inject

    Very Likely

    Less likely

    Residue of Chemical


    Yes (6 weeks)

    Injecting with glyphosate

    Injecting with glyphosate

    Drilling and injecting with daconate

    Drilling and injecting with daconate

    Daconate 4 ml 28 days

    Daconate 4 ml 28 days

    Glyphosate 19 ml 28 days

    Glyphosate 19 ml 28 days

    Glyphosate (left) vs Daconate (right) after 47 days

    Glyphosate (left) vs Daconate (right) after 47 days