Current and Proposed Field Trials

The monitoring subgroup of TCCG has formulated plans for trialling adjunct control methods to incorporate with the current methods of digging and injecting glyphosate into plants. These control trials include:

1. Seasonal variations in kill rates
  • Injections at different times of the year at pegged sites to determine if weather patterns affect the damage and kill rates.
2. Copper sprays
  • Top dressing of copper sulphate on immature plants (in progress – see PDF Cu Sulphate Granules Trial Record Sheet).
  • Sprays of different concentrations at sunset of copper sulphate, flowering plants: Pegged sites including a control site.
3. Copper injection
  • Copper pellets shot into cactus.
  • Copper pipe pushed into cactus.
4. Dose of glyphosate
  • Injections of various doses of glyphosate: progressively lower doses than those currently used. Test across seasons. Pegged sites including a control site
  • Sprays of different concentrations of copper sulphate: 1st year plants (in progress – see attached PDF Glyphosate Spray Trial Record Sheet)
5. Burying versus burning versus mechanical
6. Outer leaves only versus outer and second down leaves
  • Injections on outer leaves only on plants of different maturity.
  • Injections on outer leaves and second down row on plants of different maturity.
7. Cochineal scale insect trials
  • Seasonal variation.
  • Density variation
  • Maturity variation
  • Site variation.

These field trials would all be monitored and the results reported on this website.