What Not To Do

Please do not

  • inject only the inner wheels (lobes) because the outer wheels may then drop off onto the ground
  • dig up a wheel cactus plant and leave it lying on the ground
  • break off part of a lobe and leave it lying on ground
  • knock off the cactus flowers as they have pericarpel tissue (stem tissue) and can grow into new plants
  • pick a cactus fruit and leave it lying on the ground as the fruit is full of viable seed

Any small piece of the plant, a wheel/pad or a flower can take root and grow into a new plant.


Please exercise caution

  • wear protective clothing, gloves, boots and glasses to protect against the cactus prickles and herbicide
  • seek advice on how to correctly inject the cactus pads to prevent inhalation, ingestion or absorption of the herbicide