What We Are Doing

Eradication Program

We continue to seek funding and sponsors to maintain our goal of eradication of Wheel Cactus from our local environment.

Continued Public Awareness and Education

We intend to expand our use of print and electronic media to further educate the public, especially nearby communities where Wheel Cactus plants are now being identified for the first time.

Community Involvement – Monthly Community Field Days

We invite all locals, non-locals, landholders, townsfolk, school groups and corporate organisations to become volunteers at our monthly Field Days and other organised volunteer days to help us to eradicate Wheel Cactus from our native environment.

Volunteer Groups from other Regions

During the past few years we have greatly appreciated the valued help from these different community groups

  • Ballarat Special School – day trips twice year
  • Lalor High School – day trips twice year
  • Monash University Biological Society – 3 day overnight field trips
  • Mobile Landcare Group – 3 day overnight working bees
  • Bendigo Regional Institute TAFE
  • IBM corporate volunteers

Research Improved Killing Techniques

For more details see Research

Glyphosate and Copper Trials

Members of our group are currently conducting trials with various concentrations of glyphosate spray for killing new recruits (first year juvenile plants). They are also trialling the impact of copper, particularly copper sulphate, as a surface spray and top dressing on juvenile Wheel Cactus.

Cochineal Insects

Members of our group are currently trialling the introduction of a biological control (cochineal scale insects) in three heavily infested sites in the Maldon/Baringhup area.

Liaison with Similar Groups

We attend Wheel Cactus field days held by other volunteer groups in Victoria, such as the Wychitella group, and attend workshops and forums about cactus, such as those held regularly in South Australia by PIRSA.