Maldon & Baringhup Show

The annual Maldon and Baringhup Agricultural Show is held in October at the Maldon Show Grounds. This provides another opportunity to increase public awareness of the nature and extent of the Wheel cactus problem in the local area. We have a stall with printed information about the weed and examples of the most effective killing techniques, plus committee members tell attendees how our group can help property owners to eradicate the weed from their land.

At the 2015 Maldon and Baringhup Ag Show, the cactus warriors had help from a furry cactus warrior called Bubbles, with her very own bucket and hoe.


Willing Cactus warrior

Ian Grenda and Sue Davidson at the TCCG Maldon and Baringhup Show stall

Ian Grenda and Sue Davidson at the TCCG 2015 Maldon and Baringhup Show stall

Cactus warrior volunteers once again held a stall at the 2014 Maldon and Baringhup Agricultural Show, helping to raise awareness of the very serious local problem of wheel cactus infestations.

Maldon Baringhup Ag Show 2014_small

2013 Maldon and Baringhup Agricultural Show



Wheel Cactus Warriors at the Maldon and Baringhup Ag Show 2013.
Some of our faithful Wheel Cactus Warriors enjoyed a day at the annual Maldon and Baringhup Agricultural Show in October 2013. They all looked dynamic dressed in our dashing new uniform. This year they had a new map on display which shows the locations where the group has concentrated on attacking Wheel Cactus over the past few years. This map was also very useful for locals to highlight other areas where they have seen Wheel Cactus plants growing. The warriors discussed the problems of this noxious weed with interested locals and visitors. They also handed out information leaflets and demonstrated the equipment and techniques currently being used to destroy cactus plants. 

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website_Maldon Baringhup show

Wheel Cactus stall, 2012