Congratulations Cactus Warriors

Thanks to all the injecting and digging and destruction of Wheel Cactus by our hardworking volunteers during the past few years in our beautiful local park lands, our group won the Parks Victoria Kookaburra Award 2016 for Conserving Special Places (Northern Vic. Region).

Some of our proud committee members were on hand at the presentations in December to receive our award (Ian Grenda, Sue Davidson, Frances Wade and Tony Kane). Thanks and well done everyone!

It IS Possible to Control Wheel Cactus

Sometimes it may seem difficult to believe, but the Wheel Cactus invasion can be stopped! Thanks to many volunteers and landowners, contractors and work crews, all helping to destroy this noxious weed, many of our roadsides, parks and properties are currently free of Wheel Cactus and looking fabulous. An example of the great work done by our volunteers is shown in these ‘before and after’ photos.

However, there is still plenty of this weed out there, so if you have an infestation and need any help and/or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact the Tarrangower Cactus Control Group. We are well equipped with digging tools and injection kits that can borrowed free of charge. Please contact us via our email at

Instead of our usual monthly field day in November, we’re holding an end of year celebration to thank all our volunteers! We invite everyone to join us to celebrate our achievements for this past year. We have a special guest speaker, Samantha Searle, who will present the results of a research project she has completed this year at Federation University, investigating the germination of Wheel Cactus seeds. Then we’ll have a very quick AGM, followed by a delicious lunch. Please join us at the Baringhup Supper Hall, from 11am on Sunday 27th November.


‘Before’ photo showing all the Wheel Cactus plants injected by our hard-working volunteer. And below, the ‘After’ photo of the same spot several months later, with a distinct lack of Wheel Cactus.


One year of Seeds equals 20 years of Weeds

We (the Tarrangower Cactus Control Group) have been told that the seeds from Wheel Cactus remain viable for at least 20 years, hence can lie dormant in the soil for many years before germinating into a new plant. If we want to win the battle against this noxious weed, it’s therefore vital that we prevent new seeds from being produced.

We can effectively reduce the seed bank by firstly destroying all existing mature, fruiting plants, and then destroying all the new plants before they start flowering and fruiting.

It’s also so much easier to kill Wheel Cactus plants while they’re young and small. And don’t forget, you can still dispose of Wheel Cactus plants for free at the Maldon Transfer Station, thanks to a grant from the Mount Alexander Shire Council. Also, don’t forget that our Council has increased the rebate on rates to 20% if you actively control weeds on your property.

Why not come to our next Community Field Day and learn all about killing Wheel Cactus. It’s on Sunday 30th October and the location will be near the corner of Gough’s Range and Tarrangower School Roads, which will be well sign posted off Newstead Road. The morning’s activities will begin at 10:30 am and end with an enjoyable BBQ lunch and friendly chat. If you have any queries, please contact Ian on 0412015807 or check out our website at


A mature Wheel Cactus plant, producing thousands of new seeds every year, each one probably viable for the next 20 years.